Children experience the full range of human emotions, happiness, sadness, joy, grief, anxiety, depression and more. Like their parents, children are affected by what is happening in their environment: parent’s fighting, separation and/or divorce, loss of a family member, bullying, addictions, school stress, coming out, relationship abuse, dating violence and more.

Unlike their parents, and other adults, children will often use behaviours instead of words to express what they are feeling or experiencing inside of them. Depending upon the age of the child, these behaviours can range from bedwetting, tantrums, nightmares, hyperactivity, peer conflicts, withdrawal, screen-time absorption, psycho-somatic symptoms and a host of other behavioural issues.

No matter their age, children want to be heard.

Working with a counsellor helps children and their parents get to the root of issues, and how to provide children, and their care-givers, the tools to keep the doors of communication open, helping to relieve distress and to improve their social and relationship well-being.