Single Mother by Choice Journey

Are you thinking about becoming a ‘choice mom’?  Many women are deciding to become mothers through alternative reproductive technologies for a variety of reasons.  This life-changing decision can be accompanied by many confusing and often challenging dilemmas.  Consider counselling as a way to uncover your true feelings and prepare yourself to face the journey with confidence, knowledge and self-awareness. 

Some of the challenges facing women who are contemplating single motherhood:

  • loss of the traditional dream of getting married and having kids
  • transformation of the idea/vision of what ‘family’ is and how it is created
  • becoming an effective and confident decision-maker
  • talking to family about your decision
  • creating a supportive network of friends and family to assist along the way
  • navigating the process
  • finding other women to share experiences and ask questions
  • pregnancy
  • post-natal challenges as a single mom
  • getting to make all the decisions and having to make all the decisions

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